Like many, photography started as a thing you did on holiday. So my first camera was an instant Kodak camera like the one below from the 1980s.

They normally had 24 or 36 shots and if you were lucky you might get one or 2 extra shots. Then there was the wait to see what they pictures were like, if they were holiday snaps it was great, almost like living the holiday again a week or 2 after you returned.

As work took me travelling photography took on different forms of camera until I bought my first Nikon DSLR in Hong Kong on one trip. Still a film camera but now I felt I had a real camera!

It is only though in the last 10 years I have once again become really interested and ditched the Auto setting and explore the world of Aperture, shutter priority and even manual exposure.

It has to be said this is much easier in this now Digital age as you have instant feedback from your equipment so experimenting is easier though sometimes you only have 1 shot at that moment, before its lost. So understanding your equipment is essential, buying the latest doesn’t make a photographer.

My camera system of choice is Nikon starting with my trusty D7200 I have now upgraded to a D750 & Z6.

They both have advantages and disadvantages over each other even though they are years apart in design. Still its the person using the camera who makes the photo tell the story or not.