So I was sent a link by a friend suggesting I should enter this contest. Reading the blurb I thought why not give it a go as they say nothing ventured nothing gained.

The first thing to do having scanned the text was to checkout the rules as these often limit what you can enter and I wasn’t wrong. It was going to be a challenge as the image had to be taken between 1st January 2021 and March 31st 2022. With Covid restrictions in 2021 and rugby only starting after the winter shutdown (November to March) it was going to be a challenge but one I was up for.

My main focus in rugby started with our local Women’s Team, Mermigans, after they asked me to take some images of a game. That season I followed them all the way to the Swiss league final where they won, what a wave to ride with them from the sidelines. So hence my focus for these entries of the Mermigans in action and a few of them representing Switzerland in the Rugby Europe Trophy verse Sweden and Czech Republic.

Action Photography entry. ‘The Charge Down’ – Leaping into the air Victoria Petersson tries to charge down the clearance kick from Louise Kuss.

The competition has several categories that you can enter such as Action (above), Spirt, Portfolio (10 images), Portrait and Young Photographer which I definitely don’t qualify for.

In a normal season the Mermigans would play 12 games but as it turned out the first allowed post Covid in November was cancelled due to lack of players leaving just one game in March 2022. So I needed a plan B which in the end came my way in the form of the Swiss national team who were due to play Czech Republic at my home club November 2021 and then at another local club GPLO in March 2022. Now I had 3 games to aim for and a project with a deadline.

With the above and the images that follow they make up my submission.

Rugby Landscape. ‘Concentrate on the kick not the view’ – Mermigans kicker Carole focused on lining up this conversion kick surrounded by mountainous views at Stade du Verney, Monthey with the snow covered Dent de Morcles watching.
Portrait. ‘Crouch Bind Hold that Smile’ – Angela Stadelmann prepares for the first scrum of practice at the final training camp before meeting Sweden in the European Women’s Trophy.
Spirt of Rugby. ‘Beyond the Jersey is the Game’ – Without the spirt of playing the game these ladies would not have played today, seven Mermigan players put on the Bern Redzones shirt and took on their own team fighting for the game they love to play.

The final category is the Portfolio mine is titled ‘Suisse Women’s Rugby’ – As a player my years are almost finished but rugby is in the blood and never leaves. Thanks to these ladies asking me to take a few images of them playing rugby for me continues through watching them enjoy the game and play for each other no matter what, for club and country.

4 Replies to “Rugby Photographer of the Year”

  1. Thanks for always being by our side and capturing moments that we will never forget!
    Awesome work and I’m looking forward to you winning the contest 😉

  2. Merci pour les beaux souvenirs que tu captures à chacun de nos matchs ! Et bravo pour ton job ! A bientôt sur le pré !

    1. Keep up the hard work on the pitch and I will do the same with the camera. Thanks for all the opportunities to shoot the team.

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