Having had the pleasure of taking portrait images of Fabien’s family the year before he asked me after rugby one day if I was available one evening and would do him a favour.

Fabien is the President of the Swiss non-profit organisation PSE-Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, founded by Christian and Marie-France des Pallières, operating in Cambodia since 1995. 


The event a celebration of 25 years helping children suffering acute hardship by reintegrating them into society providing them with the skills to achieve skilled and remuerated jobs was held in a Lausanne and whilst I had a flash with me and used it initially it didn’t seem right.

The flash was needed to compensate for the poor hotel lighting, but it was also intrusive as was the sound of the shutter distracting from the event. So away with the flash and switch my Nikon Z6 to silent shutter mode and bump up the iso to 3200 and become just a face in the crowd. Later I was asked why I stopped taking pictures, I just answered I hadn’t. The only disconcerting thing with the silent shutter is you have no idea how many images you have taken if you use continuous shutter! Its digital so you can always delete!

Fabien opening the evening

The evening was a successful one and reflecting back the smile on Marie-France’s face reminded me of my great grand mother who used to sit and tell us stories, at 90+ years she had a few and I never tried to hear them.

Two wonderful women from different places both whom smiled with great joy and purpose.

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