I play Veterans rugby these days and was chatting to a friend who was telling me about a new business he was starting up. An online beer but also wine and spirt delivery service. In these times of COVID there definitely seems the need for more online delivery and with the pubs open then closed the next day, he could be on the right track. So I said let me know if I can help out visually with anything.

A beep from my phone a few days later and my new project started. BeerFarm needed some images of products for the website. With the large number of beers available the aim was to provide some image links representing certain beer types and countries. From Stout, wheat, larger and IPA to Artisan Swiss beers as well as UK and German. It was going to be thirsty work.

So with beers grouped into selections the idea was to photograph the product and then add a backdrop. Initial images separated the background from the bottles but the front of the bottles were very dark. Whilst I could have corrected this in post in Lightroom a little time adding a flash and softbox was well worth the time. Once one image was right it was then just a case of arrange the next and click the shutter.

Trying to get as many names of beers visible in the image without making too crowded was a challenge. When the necks of the bottles were empty and your faced with one from Hoppy People called ‘Porn Star’ what else do you do but lay it in front of the others!
Trouble with round bottles is they roll when you lay them down! If you look you can see the small white tack under the bottle holding in place for the shot.

But its gone in the final web site image

So from the Lightbox to final image was a case of downloading the images and processing.
Using Photoshop the bottles were highlighted using the quick selection tool and with a little refinement then the white backdrop masked out. Being careful not to loose the white parts of the bottle labels.
The backgrounds used were from stock images though with some thought and planning I could of created my own. Adding the chosen background layer and positioning the bottles we had the final image, a little drop shadow was added to tie the bottles to the background.
For the website the images were required to be resized to 1024×1024 then saved as low resolution jpg files. The images below are the final result provided to BeerFarm for their free use.

Look out for beerfarm.ch opening soon, based in Coppet serving the surrounding area’s.

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