The Hand Off

The Hand Off

So to my surprise when I returned from a weekend away I had received an email telling me I had won the category of most voted by the public small image. Something I had not thought I would achieve, but a lovely surprise.

So where next what challenge will the new season of rugby bring to this photographer?

On the rugby front I have 2 challenges.

Capturing that winning moment, the try, the joy of winning and being part of the team. This will come with practice and predicting the direction of the game.

My next Project is with ’UpSide Strength’
We are and will be working further together to capture images of fitness training mainly at first to be used with fitness information videos relating to rugby.
One such image taken during a flood lite evening session recently, below.
The challenge here for the photographer is to capture the moment in poor light without too much motion blur or noise.

Nikon Z6 F1.8 @ 1/50s Iso 2000

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