Well its that time of year again when I ask myself why enter, photography is so subjective and if the image expressed isn’t that popular cute kitten or glorious short of some exotic place or animal it might well fall by the way side. Some images are more art than photography but then where do you draw the line in these modern times.

The answer is simple really, if you don’t put your work out there then how can you compete and draw comment on your work. Of course we all live in hope that a picture will get recognised, commended or even win something.

I have to say though visiting the gallery and seeing all the other work is very enjoyable and if you happen to over hear someone appreciating one of your pictures its all the more worth it.

Seeing all the other work often inspires me to do something different as well. Whilst I did not make the top 50 this year which I thought one of these might, you can still show your appreciation and vote for your favourite.

See you there maybe?

The beautiful gallery Humanit’Art. Address: Rue du Diorama 14, 1205 Geneva. Opening 27th February till Saturday 7th March.


Nyon Port Sunrise
Hitting that High Note
Kelidoscope of Colour
Soiree Founex port
The Hand Off

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