When asked if I would take some photos for my local rugby club I said yes. It was then I realised that I’ve never seriously taken any ‘action’ shots. The closest thing is probably a picture of Fynn who doesn’t like his picture taken though that’s changed a little recently. In nervous anticipation I watched several youtube videos, wondered should I shoot aperture or shutter priority? Shutter priority is the obvious choice to freeze the action at 1000th second however having watched and read a couple of videos/articles aperture priority had some advantages provided there was enough light so I didn’t have to push the iso too high. The main advantage demonstrated was in isolating the subject with a shallow depth of field thus blurring the background. My first attempt pre-match was the following image of the Suisse captain Cyril performing some sprints as part of his warmup in mid flight. The backdrop blurring so as not to distract using the shallow DOF. F3.2, 1/4000s, iso 125 @185mm

With the sun over my shoulder I clicked away trying to find the ideal location to capture that special image. The match winner or just something that summed up the game.

The result of this 3rd tier European rugby trophy match wasn’t as was hoped by many locals, but I have to say I was happy with the images. One thing I found though was being opposite the main crowd was not the ideal angle as the players tended to blend in too much with their supporters. Ideally a more neural/plain background angle is needed. Thus shooting from near one end gave the best results, just not the best match results for the Suisse in front of their home team. Hop Suisse!

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